Medical Continence Centers (MCC) will offer medical services based exclusively on international standards as defined by leading, multidisciplinary scientific associations (ICS - International Continence Society, IUGA - International Urogynaecological Association), relying on medicine based on scientific evidence (EBM - Evidence Based Medicine). While being fully aware that incontinence problems are chronic in nature and there is no "gold standard therapy", we shall inform our patients, accurately about this fact once they have been fully diagnosed, and present them with a full range of treatment opportunities and their levels of effectiveness. All this will be carried out in co-operation with support groups and our own community.


Our center’s philosophy is based on the idea of ongoing support for the two groups which are of key importance to the pursuit of our mission: patients and employees


MCC’s key objective is to provide effective assistance at the level of conservative treatment, i.e. without the need to perform any invasive procedures. Therefore, we offer the people in our charge properly qualified staff who co-operate with each other (doctors, physiotherapists and continence advisors) as well as specialist equipment. Nevertheless, our support does not end with the completion of the planned therapy. If the results are not satisfactory for the patient, this may mean the need to perform an invasive surgical procedure which usually carries the risk of irreversible complications. A large proportion of such procedures are performed in public centers and are fully reimbursed. Our support then covers:

  • assistance in selecting an appropriate procedure;
  • verification of the possibility of obtaining reimbursement;
  • recommending a public or private center and a well-qualified operator.

Moreover, each person in MCC’s charge may take advantage of the so-called ‘prehabilitation’ (preparation by a urological/urogynaecological physiotherapist for a procedure) and specialist rehabilitation after it has been performed together with further active surveillance, combined with prevention, which makes it possible to retain the regained quality of health for as long as possible.


The success of MCC depends on the proper organization of work and high quality services offered by well-qualified and motivated staff. In times of growing staff shortages in the healthcare system, the rules of employee compensation are becoming a key issue. Which is why, when creating an operating model for MCC, we considered it a priority to prepare a development path offering higher than average financial satisfaction.

Medicine is one of the most innovative areas. Which is why medical staff need to update their knowledge constantly by participating in scientific events and workshops. From the outset, MCC’s business model has assumed the provision of systematic organizational and financial support offered to our employees to allow them to improve their skills on a regular basis both at a national and international level.

In return, we expect all of our medical employees to be active members of at least one interdisciplinary scientific association dealing with the problems of incontinence and to be ready to engage in ongoing, inter-specialization co-operation.

We offer a separate training package to continence advisors who are to be everyday "guides" for our patients around the healthcare system (hospitals, outpatient clinics, diagnostic laboratories, pharmacies, medical stores, National Health Fund reimbursement, State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People, etc.).